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Bilder von Opfikon

Newcomers to Opfikon

If you have recently moved to Opfikon or are planning to do so soon, the information below might be useful to you.

1.) City map
Here is a city map of Opfikon. Its scale can be adjusted by using the icons at the top of the map.

2.) Registering at city hall
All newcomers to Opfikon must register within 14 days of moving here. There is an administration fee of CHF 20.- to register.

EU citizens require:
  • valid passport or identity card
  • employment contract or assurance of residence permit
  • Swiss permanent residence permit, if available
non-EU citizens require:
  •  valid passport
  • authorization to be issued a visa
  • Swiss permanent residence permit, if available
Address of Opfikon city administration:
Stadtverwaltung Opfikon
Oberhauserstrasse 25
8152 Glattbrugg

Tel. 044 829 81 11
Fax 044 829 83 38

Here are the opening hours of the Opfikon city administration.

3.) Public transportation

The following bus and tram lines serve Opfikon:
759 Flughafen – Dübendorf (airport - Dübendorf)
761 Glattbrugg Bahnhof – Wallisellen Frohheimstrasse (Glattbrugg station - Wallisellen)
762 Glattbrugg Bahnhof – Opfikon Grätzli (Glattbrugg station - Grätzli stop)
768 Flughafen – SBB Zürich-Oerlikon (airport - Oerlikon station)
781 Flughafen – Bank Center/Cher - TMC - SBB Zürich-Oerlikon (airport - Bank Center - TMC - Oerlikon station)

10 Zurich mainstation - Airport
12 Airport - Stettbach

Here you will find the timetables for all of these bus and tram lines (in German; instructions below).
  • 1. type the number of the bus/tram line in the lower field and click on "Anfrage starten"
  • 2. click on any of the stops to view the timetable
You can also search for bus and tram connections at a particular bus stop and print out timetables (in German; instructions below).
  • 1. type the name of the bus or tram stop in the lower field and click on "Anfrage starten"
  • 2. click on the red button for the desired direction
Here you will find the schedule of the Swiss national rail network (SBB).

4.) Garbage collection

Volume principle (taxed garbage bags)
Except for the GlattBach development (Glattpark subdivision), only official taxed bags can be used for household garbage collection: they are black with a purple sunshine logo and marked with “IGKSG Zürcher Unterland”. They can be obtained from the cashier in most grocery stores. The special stickers for bulky items cannot be used for garbage bags. Household garbage collection is on Thursdays .

Weight principle (magnetic charge cards for the GlattBach development)
Household garbage for the GlattBach development, Earhart-Strasse, 8152 Glattpark (Opfikon) is disposed of in the press container by using a magnetic charge card. The garbage that is thrown in is precisely weighed and immediately debited from the card (which is why taxed garbage bags do not need to be used). The magnetic charge cards are issued by the landlord and can be loaded with credit at the machine next to the container. If lost, the card can be replaced at a cost of CHF 20.- at the Opfikon city hall. Credit on lost cards cannot be refunded.

Bulky items
Special bulky item stickers (with the sunshine logo) must be used for the collection of combustible bulky items. Bulky item stickers are sold in the Opfikon city hall (at the city treasury or “Stadtkasse”) and at the main collection center "im Rohr". Non-flammable bulky items made of metal, stone, etc. must be disposed of at the main collection center.

5.) Price comparisons
Here you can do comparison shopping of various services, articles and products. After opening the website, you can choose between various languages on the upper left. 

6.) Moving away from Opfikon
  • You have to notify the Opfikon city administration in person within 8 days of moving away from Opfikon (with your Swiss permanent residence permit ).  
  • You must contact Energie Opfikon AG about your electricity bill at least 10 days before you move away (tel.: 043 544 86 00).
  • You should also give your telephone company sufficient notice of your move.


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